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Friday, April 20, 2012

27 Barbie Collector Dolls For Sale on craigslist

Barbie Doll Listings

Listing News:

Barbie Collector Dolls For Sale
on craigslist!

I found these 27 Barbie Collector Dolls For Sale on craigslist for $540 ($20 each) and thought you might like to check them out. I do not know the seller however so, you know, Buyer Beware!

(Note: The seller's pictures are Crap! So be sure to request some Good ones!)

Seller's Description
27 New In Box Collectible Barbies. All Barbies are in original undamaged boxes. Want to sell as one lot.

Following are the names of each doll:
1.) Mrs. P.F.E. Albee (1st in Series) - Matel 17690,
2.) Simply Charming - Caucasian F669751,
3.) Exotic Intigue - F21481,
4.) Winter Velvet - F211621,
5.) Victorian Ice Skater - F714691,
6.) Timeless Silhoette - F737931,
7.) Horray For Hollywood - F276591,
8.) Winter Reflection - F617111,
9.) Blushing Barbie - F285211,
10.) Ring In The New Year - F649021,
11.) Winter Rapsody - FSC# 184841,
12.) The Sterling Silver Rose (Bob Mackie) - F663951,
13.) Glamporous Gala - F415351,
14.) Mrs. P.F.E. Albee (2nd in Series) - F148511,
15.) Ballet Masquerade - F738141,
16.) Victorian Tea - F144371,
17.) Angelic Inspirations - F260621,
18.) Snow Sensation - F234481,
19.) Winter Spender - F110771,
20.) Angelic Harmony - F684981,
21.) Silken Flame (1962 Fashion Doll Reproduction) - Mattel 18449,
22.) Holiday Celebration (Special 2001 Edition) - Mattel 50304,
23.) Spring Tea Party (3rd in Series) - 161791,
24.) Rose Splendor - Mattel T4349,
25.) Spring Petals - F199051,
26.) Spring Blossom - Mattel 15201,
27.) Strawberry Sorbet - F1220081.

See attached 4pictures (system limit).
Will send additional 4 pictures upon request.

Listing Link: Barbies - 27 New In Box - $540 (Cartwright)

Update: This Listing has been Deleted from craigslist, by it's owner.
(If these dolls are Re-listed, we will again update this post.)


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