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Friday, July 20, 2012

Barbie doll For Sale: Happy Birthday Ken!

Barbie Doll Listings

Listing News: from our affiliate, The Fashion Doll Store;

Happy Birthday Ken
Glamour Barbie Doll
For Sale!

Happy birthday, Ken! It's Ken's 50th birthday... and Barbie's got a brand-new dress. Dressed to impress, incorporating Ken's signature style! Part of the Barbie Pink Label Collection.

Happy birthday, Ken! It's time to celebrate Barbie Ken Dolls' 50th anniversary and birthday with this glamorous Barbie Doll from the Barbie Pink Label Collection. A stunning vision, this beautiful doll is specially designed from head to toe to incorporate Ken's signature style and color! Barbie's dress is cyan blue, the bow around her waist is inspired by Ken Dolls' bow ties, and the plaid bodice is a nod to Ken's fabulous sweater vests. The Barbie Happy Birthday Ken Barbie Doll also presents a like gift, with a label for Ken. Happy birthday indeed, Ken! Barbie stands about 11 1/2-inches tall, but cannot stand alone.

  • Brand: Mattel
  • Model: V0438
  • Released on: 2011-01-01
  • Dimensions: 13.00" h x 3.38" w x 11.00" l,

  • Celebrate Ken?s 50th Anniversary and Birthday with Barbie
  • Designed to incorporate Kens signature style and color
  • Her dress is cyan blue and the bodice is a nod to Ken?s sweater vest
  • The bow around her waist is inspired by Ken's bow ties
  • A perfect addition to your Barbie Collection

Price: $29.99 (at the time of this post.)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Listing Link: Barbie Collector Happy Birthday Ken Glamour Barbie Doll
From Mattel


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