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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Barbie Gold Label Juicy Couture Giftset For Sale!

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Listing News: from Our Store.

Gold Label Barbie Collector
Barbie Juicy Couture Giftset
For Sale!

Define the Juicy Couture girl? She loves fashion that's fun with decadent details. Here, faux fur and frills on Barbie dolls inspired by Juicy Couture creators, Gela and Pam. The couture du jour, softly ruffled dresses and sumptuous white faux mink coats. Accessories include earrings, necklace, bracelet and classic heels. Love, G&P!

  • Limited production Collector dolls.
  • For ages 14 and over.

Price: $175.03

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Link: Barbie: Collector Juicy Couture Giftset - Gold Label
From Mattel


Customer Reviews: (Partial)

By The Taminator
I'm not sure what Juicy Couture means; I've seen the brand shopping in high-end department stores and on the backsides of rich kids hanging around in the malls, so I'm sure it's some kind of darwinian offshoot of Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Phat and other luxury brands that came before them. To be fair, it's high-quality stuff, but until now I haven't been able to justify the expense of anything from this brand, no matter how "juicy" it is. However, now that they've branched out into Barbie, they're in my territory, and so I've added this set to my collection. ...Read More

By Alison Rasmussen
This collector Barbie set is one of the most fun we own. (My young daughters and I own a communal doll collection, and yes, we do debox all of our dolls, and they see some gentle play.) Because the box is so incredibly lovely, it was difficult to decide to debox, but both dolls are simply too pretty to leave in their boxes.

A word to the wise: This set is from 2008, and they are really a pain to debox. Their hair is especially difficult. However, if you use care, you should be able to get them out without any problems. We were able to. The box, however, has seen better days. ...Read More

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