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Thursday, August 9, 2012

1962 Vintage Barbie's Fashion Shop for Sale/Auction!

Barbie Doll Listings

Listing News: Found;

1962 Vintage
Barbie's Fashion Shop
for Sale/Auction!

Listen up my Patron Barbie Collectors!
I have found three (3) Separate ADs for the Rare and Elusive 1962 Barbie's Fashion Shop.

This First AD, "1960s BARBIE Vintage Mattel Fashion Shop for dolls - $100 (Shelton, CT)", is from craigslist, and seems very reasonable. However, I caution you that I do Not know any of these seller's so, you know, Buyer Beware! At any rate, seller says;

" Selling 1963 Barbie's cardboard Fashion Shop from the 1960s. Not sure if it's complete, but has lots of stuff in it. Cardboard is stained in spots. Chairs are missing their legs.
The outer removable cardboard covering is dirty looking, but the inner cardboard "storefront" isn't too bad. This is a hard to find 1960s piece, and generally goes for over $200 on ebay (plus shipping)...$100."

This Second AD; "BARBIE'S FASHION SHOP-1962 MATTEL-VINTAGE-22 PIECES INCLUDED-GREAT DISPLAY PIECE", is a Current Auction on ebay though at the time of this post, there is only one day and twenty hours left. Nevertheless I'm am posting it because of it's $99.97 Starting Bid, which is about the same price as the Above craigslist AD, and I just want to see what it sells for, if it sells, as there are currently, No Bids, with 40 Page Views. Seller says;
" 1962 Barbie's Fashion Shop by Mattel includes 22 pieces...with the Barbie doll in fashion dress, two chairs (all legs are on and sits level) table, floor (shown in the back)shops, stage, invitations, display case, mirror, etc.

This has been in the attic for many years and is in quite good condition.
Cheapest on Ebay.".

Update: This Auction has Ended with No Bids.

This Third and Final AD; "The ORIGINAL 1962 Vintage Barbie FASHION SHOP", is also from ebay but For Sale, rather than Auction. Seller says;
" For your consideration . . .

From my personal collection..

The very RARE 1962 Vintage Barbie "FASHION SHOP"

Please enjoy all of the photo's. These are a very important part of this items description.

I know that there are some parts missing..however I'm not 100% sure of what pieces that would be. I think the pieces missing are as follows: cardboard mannequin, fashion magazines, one white plastic curtain panel, one chair leg, & booklet.

There are a few wear spots, tape marks, water spots on the floor and awning. The clear plastic "window" is without tears, bend marks etc. The plastic "window" on the display case has some tape residue, but no other flaws, see photo."

And believe me, there are LOTS and LOTS of photos.
Oh, and the price?
US $799.99

Ok, so.
There you have them. If I find any more I'll be sure to let you know and who knows, I may find one that you just Can't pass up!

Happy Collecting!


1 comment:

  1. Thankyou! I need all the help I can get. I'm usually a little too late. And when I do find something wonderful it's through the roof expensive or just been sold, like the second fashion shop you showed. Well thanks again and I'll be checking back often to see what you've found. 😌


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