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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

23 Barbie Dolls For Sale, each New in Box.

Barbie Doll Listings:

Listing News: Posted at Seller's Request.

23 Barbie Dolls For Sale
Each, New in Box

The seller of the Barbie dolls listed below, posted a comment in one of my earlier articles (see Reference Link below), inquiring as to if I would be interested in publishing news of their listing of 23 Barbie Dolls for sale. Naturally I said, "SURE"!

Unfortunately, the seller has been unable to post any pictures of their Barbies for sale, within their classified Ad, so I am unable to post any here. Note however, that you may contact the seller through their listing whereby I'm sure, the seller will be most happy to send you however many pics you may request, via email.

Note also, that the seller is only known to "Barbie Doll Listings", through their comment left at the Reference Link below, and their Classified Ad. So, you know, Buyer Beware and Be Diligent with your inquiries as Barbie Doll Listings is not in any other way associated or affiliated with the seller and will have no responsibility regarding any relationship which might created as a result of this article. Which is not to say you shouldn't check these out. Because you should. Just, well, you know what I mean.
Happy Collecting!!!

Having said all that, here is the seller's list of Barbie dolls for sale.
  • Teen Talk 1991-- 40.00
  • Fashion Play Barbie 1990--African American 25.00
  • Skating Star Barbie Wal-Mart 1995 15.00
  • Snap and Play Barbie 1991--30.00
  • Barbie Anniversary Star Walmart ed. 30 years 1992--20.00
  • Song Bird Barbie 1995 African American-- 30.00
  • Pretty Choice Barbie 1996 --20.00
  • Birthday Surprise 1996-- 19.00
  • (2) Sweet Magnolia 1996 Walmart--25.00 each
  • Country Bride Walmart 1994 --25.00
  • City Style 1996--30.00
  • Easter 1996--19.00
  • Fantasy Ball-KayBee 1997--40.00
  • Bathtime Fun Kelly-1995--25.00
  • Graduation Class 1997 (1996)--30.00
  • Easter Egg Hunt Barbie and Kelly 1997--30.00
  • (2) Sparkle Beach 1995 one with twisted hair, one with straight --20.00 each
  • Rapunzel--20.00
  • Prince--20.00
  • Satin Nights- Service Merchandise 1992 --30.00
  • Barbie as Maria in the Sound of Music--35.00
  • Barbie Holiday Puzzle 120 Pieces --15.00
  • Barbie Nostalgia Jigsaw Used --10.00
  • Barbie Tin Easter Egg--10.00
  • Barbie Collector's Ornament--10.00
  • Barbie Cookie Cutters--15.00
  • Barbie cupcake liners --3.00
  • Barbie water color paints--4.00

Listing Details
  • Seller: proton
  • City: Rolla
  • State: MO

Seller's Listing Link: Barbie collection, 23 Barbies for sale, new in box.

Update: SOLD!!! 


Comment Reference Link: Wizard of Oz Barbie as Dorothy For Sale on craigslist!


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