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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes For Sale on craigslist

Barbie Doll Listings:

Listing News: Found

Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes
For Sale on craigslist

Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes
Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes

 I Found these Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes For Sale on craigslist and personally, I think they are Absolutely Adorable. Imagine You and your Ken showing up at the Halloween Ball dressed as Barbie and Ken... Still in Their Boxes!

Seller states, in their AD. That, "these costumes won the 106.1 KISSFM online Halloween costume contest last year".

Seller has posted two pictures of the costumes. 1) with them, in costume 2) with the costumes laid out on their back patio. Which tells me, that they really don't have room for them any more. Also their AD states a selling prices of only $50 but I'm not sure if that's for one, or Both costumes? I mean I'm sure they are proud of them. But if they don't have the room... well, then let's make a deal.

At any rate, and as you can see. Shipping, might be a problem. In deed the seller says "arrange for pick up". So I guess if you live in the Dallas, Texas area, you might check them out. Otherwise, What A Great Idea! ...that shouldn't be too hard to duplicate.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

Here is the link: Barbie and Ken Halloween Costumes - $50 (Ridgewood Park)

Update: This Listing has been Deleted from craigslist by it's owner. Probably because it was sold.


NOTE: Barbie Doll Listings is in no way associated or affiliate with this seller. So you know, Buyer Beware!

Note Also: Pics are the property of the seller and may not be used without their permission. They are used here in accordance to, and in compliance with, the 2007 Fair Use Act. 

Oh and, naturally I replaced the actual faces of the sellers with real Barbie and Ken doll faces using Photoshop, to protect the sellers.


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